A Wedding at Capiès

If you are looking for a stylish, rustic, affordable, barn wedding, with great local food and delicious wines overlooking vines in the South of France, then Capiès could be the place! We can host, style and cater your special day or weekend here at Capiès. Minimum 40, maximum 60 guests.

Célébrez votre journée spéciale à Capiès avec vos amis et votre famille. Contactez-nous pour plus d'informations

Wedding Catering - around 50 euros per person
Wedding meal + (for example) late night herby sausages in baguette, with baskets of sauces!

Pizza Evening (optional ) 15 euros per person
We can prepare the Barn Bar and cater a special wood-fired pizza party the night before the wedding!

Wedding Preparation + Facilitation
Contact us for more information